You are about to embark on a new experience! Floating is unlike anything else on earth. It is not like bathing, nor like swimming, even less like sitting in a hot tub. It is a route to profound relaxation. --

Floating is a personal experience. It relieves stress, nervousness, anxiety, jet lag, insomnia and muscular aches & pains.It improves your concentration and memory. It gives you extra energy and makes you feel dynamic. Many people use flotation to stimulate creative thinking and to solve problems. Mental preparation for work or academic and sporting challenges are also some common uses of flotation. It has also been known to reduce feelings of anger and agitation. There are many medical conditions that have also been shown to benefit from flotation therapy, such as arthritis, back pain, premenstrual tension, postpartum depression, asthma, migraine headaches, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular conditions, osteoporosis to name a few. You may even feel the benefits for a few days after your float session. However, most people can only fully appreciate all the benefits of floating after having experienced three or more float sessions. Here at Cloud nine Float Center, we offer the most technologically advanced tanks in the state. Designed and created in the UK by Colin Stanwell-Smith C. Eng. M.I.Mech.E. B.Sc F.R.S.A. The Floatwaway product is by far the most comfortable tank design on the market. They have removed the “scary” from Sensory Deprivation and created the “comfortable”  Float Session. The Tranquility tank features large air coupled buttons to control the intercom, light and automatic door. The tanks also feature the most advanced passive air ventilation design, stereo “live skin” speakers and magnetic field isolation top. Visit the Floataway website for more detailed information on these incredible tanks. Floataway Tanks Website After your first float session, don’t miss out on our Introductory Float Package: Three sessions, only $120. Share the gift of floating with your friends and family. All packages aside from the Intro pack can be gifted and shared with anyone you would like to experience true rest and relaxation. Discounts for seniors and veterans available.
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