First Time?

What is floating ?

After undressing and showering in the privacy of your own room, you step into the Tranquility tank which contains 10” of skin temperature water (heated constantly) and 660 lbs of Epsom salts which nourish and soften your skin without wrinkling it like sea salt does. The high concentration of salt allows your body to float effortlessly, like a cork on the surface of the water. You simply sit down and slowly lie back until your head is either touching the pillow (if you choose to use one) or touching the water. As you lie back, your body slowly lifts to the surface of the water and about 1/3 of your body is above the water line. It is the closest thing to attaining zero gravity on earth.

What are the benefits?

Floating by yourself in a warm pool of water into which Epsom salts have been dissolved, allows your body to totally relax. As every muscle in your body is completely relieved of all tension, you can quickly go into a state of deep relaxation, although for some people it can take 15 to 20 minutes or even longer to reach this state.

Floating has many benefits : it relieves stress, nervousness, anxiety, jetlag, insomnia and muscular aches and pains. It improves your concentration and memory. It gives you extra energy and makes you feel dynamic. Many people use floatation to stimulate creative thinking and to solve problems or for mental preparation for work, academic or sporting challenges. It has also been reported to reduce feelings of anger and agitation.

There are many medical conditions which have been shown to benefit from floatation therapy such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, back pain, pre-menstrual tension, post natal depression, asthma, migraine headaches, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular conditions, osteoporosis and synovitis to name a few.

You will feel the benefits for a few days after your float session. However, most people can only fully appreciate all the benefits of floating after having experienced 3 or more float sessions.

How do I float ?

Some people prefer to float using a head pillow, which keeps your ears out of the water. We recommend using earplugs with or without the pillow to help with sound reduction and avoid salt crystals building up inside your ears. You can still hear the music/audio with earplugs in. In either case, be sure to allow your head to fully relax – your face will not go under the water line. If you try to hold your head up to keep it out of the water, you will be defeating the purpose of floating! Some people enjoy floating with their arms along their side, others, with their arms under their heads. Experiment a bit until you find the position for your arms and legs that is the most comfortable for you. You will soon realise that your entire body is completely relaxed and that no muscles are being used.

You don’t actually “do” anything in the tank, you just let your mind wander and let your body enjoy the experience! Maybe you’ll even fall asleep. There is no risk of turning over in the tank if you do fall asleep. As there is no pressure on any part of your body, your body has no need to turn over. Some people regularly sleep in the tank the entire night!

If you find that your body seems to be “spinning”, simply open your eyes. This is caused by your brain trying to adjust to the weightless experience which goes away after several floats.

You can choose to either have continuous music throughout your float session or to have the music fade to silence after a few minutes and come back on just before the end of the session. Be sure to tell the attendant what you’d like before going into the float room.

The door will open for you at the end of your session, so you do not need to worry about how long you have been in the tank. Time seems to fly by very quickly while you are floating and most people find it hard to believe they have floated for an hour!

Some people believe that the water temperature drops as they float. Be assured that the tank is continuously and silently heated to 95.5.˚F, which is skin temperature. If you feel like you are getting a bit cold, simply run some of the water over the top of your body to warm yourself up.

Some first time floaters are a bit concerned about closing the door. You are not obliged to close the door if you do not want to, though the top part of your body may feel a bit cool. In any case, you control the door from the inside black button on your left. You may open and close the door as often as you wish during your float. Most people choose to float with the door completely closed, but you can float with the door opened to whatever height you choose by simply pressing the door button as the door is opening or closing. Do not close the door while inside the tank using the outside door button – you will start the pump running. There is no harm to be in the tank while the pump is running, but it is noisy. If this should happen, simply press either the inside door button or the light button and the pump will stop immediately.

You control the lights too from the inside of the tank. You can float with the lights on the entire time.

There is a red “call attendant” button on the right side of the tank. This will activate a sounder which can be heard both at the tank and in reception. You cannot cancel this sounder from inside the tank, the attendant must do it at reception. The attendant will then speak to you from reception via the intercom system in the tank in order to assist you.

How do I get out of the tank ?

When the door opens, signalling the end of your float session, sit up, then slowly stand up using the door opening for support. Gently wipe off as much salt and water off your body with your hands before getting out of the tank to keep as much salt and water in the tank, not on the floor. Step slowly out of the tank backwards, holding onto the sides of the tank with both hands, as you might feel a bit light-headed for the first few minutes. Go directly to the shower, without using your towel (otherwise it will be full of salt!) and wash your hair and body well with the products provided.

At Cloud nine Float Center, we offer the most inviting floating experience available. We feature Floataway tanks imported from Europe with automatic doors, lights, and relaxing music to ease one in and out of the experience. We strive to tailor each float to the individual with options in music, lighting, and pod types to accommodate different needs.